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The Blacksmith, Dwarf Version

I was a conscript. Oh, sure, technically the Alliance didn’t conscript anyone. Legally, everyone was recruited of their own free will. Goat shit. It was never a question whether I would sign up for the North War. My father did … Continue reading

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Won’t Someone Think of the Children?

Orphan Matron Battlewail agrees readily enough for the interview. She seems pleased a historian would even speak to her, rather than other, more important figures. I tell her that I’m collecting an oral history, and thus it is necessary for … Continue reading

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Leaning on the Action

Icecrown Citadel was beautiful. It was massive, looming over everywhere that could see it like a massive, brooding leviathan. Enormous saronite structures carved unforgiving paths through the already hostile environment. Everything, absolutely everything, was covered in spikes. It was positively … Continue reading

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The Bible According to Arkenheart

Yeah, I dunno what the fuck was up with last post. I got a few good ideas from writing it, though. Basically, Sariah and Arkenheart become criminals when they move to Silvermoon. I’m going to retcon a lot of their … Continue reading

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