Deciding not to go with that whole realID disaster changes nothing. The fact that they even considered such a course of action beyond the drawing board stage is, well, bad.

Still, I over-reacted, and I apologize for that. Y’all didn’t need to read that “Still Raging” post. I’m not normally such a huge raging douche. Usually I keep my douche levels at tolerable levels, or discharge it privately. The internet did not need to see that.

So. Sorry. 😦

I did need to type it however. Catharsis and all that. Didn’t need to publish it though. Let’s move on and pretend last week never happened.

I still want to play WoW. I genuinely like the game, and I was genuinely looking forward to Cataclysm. RealID has stained all of that. As of now, my account expires August 4th, and I currently do not have any plans to renew that.

Generally, any company who does something like that loses my support instantly and permanently. How can I justify sending Blizzard money when they try and do something like that? I can’t. I can rationalize it away (herp derp it was Activision not Blizzard) or maybe pretend Blizzard is still totally cool.

And yet… I still want to play WoW. I’ve tried so many other MMOs, and there’s always, always some sort of horrible problem (usually something small) that ruins the game instantly for me.

For example, Lord of the Rings Online. Last time I tried it, there was a little camera issue.

In WoW, when I hold down RMB to move my camera around, and then release RMB, my camera stays pointing in the direction I moved it.

I thought this was standard for any third person RPG type game. But NO! In LOTRO, when you release RMB, the camera immediately snaps back to its default position. WHY?! Why does it do that? That issue alone renders the entire game completely unplayable.

Naturally, WoW has an option that lets you choose between loose camera and instant snap back camera. Why you would ever want your camera to instantly snap back is beyond me, but then again there are keyboard turners and default interface users out there. I can’t exactly expect everyone to play the same way I do.

On the other hand, I do buy games that, technically, provide funding for companies I strongly dislike.

Bioware, for instance, is a company I like, and I’ve enjoyed damn near every game they make. However, that entire company is technically subservient to their masters, EA. EA is a company that I loathe, such loathing, more loathing than the huge amounts of loathe I have for Apple.

I still buy the games, in full knowledge that it is benefitting my nemesis, but I do it because it also supports a game studio I like. I just never allow the game to go online and never buy DLC. Or pirate the DLC, but usually the DLC is so shitty or buggy it’s not even worth getting for free.

I suppose I’ll have decided if my adventures in WoW will continue by by the 4th of August. For now, I still have a lot of hate for Blizzard, but this is being tempered by sadness at the loss of my WoW.

Which is a little odd, come to think of it.

I (obviously) reacted quite strongly. Far stronger than a mere game should warrant. Then again, it is a game I’ve happily played for… what, five years now? I’ve been a Blizzard fan since 1999, maybe it’s just what comes across as the betrayal of an eleven year friendship that hurts.

Which raises the question: why would I ever consider a company a good friend in the first place?

Maybe I could continue playing WoW, henceforth treating Blizzard as a corporation and holding them at arm’s length.

I certainly won’t be defending them anymore. And definitely won’t buy any of the other crap or any special editions. I have to actually like the company to do that.

I won’t stop writing Warcraft fan fiction though. The world is too rich with potential stories to let some corporation ruin that.


Switching gears entirely. LORE THEORY TIME!

Alright, so.

I’ve actually done some research, and apparently there are half breeds of damn near everything in Warcraft lore.

I’m going with the theory that the Titans, who designed and adjusted pretty much every single sentient life form in the entire universe and even created some sentient life, designed all these disparate life forms with the sole intention of allowing any of them to produce viable off spring with any other species.

Consider that if a draenei and an orc, two completely different species from completely different ends of the universe, make love and produce a baby, that baby will look extremely human.

How is that even possible? Sheer coincidence? I say nay! The Titans themselves, at some point, got their grubby little god fingers all up in that DNA. Or, if a lifeform didn’t use DNA, reprogrammed them so they did.

That way, any sentient being from anywhere would be able to make babies with any sentient being from anywhere else.

(I have no idea what the exceptions might be. Maybe it’s impossible to make human/murloc hybrids. Anyone care to take one for the team?)

So why would the Titans go through all the trouble of doing such a thing?

Answer: so that life would be very, very hard to extinguish.

My theory is that the Titans knew damn well someone, or something, would try to wage war on life in general. Maybe they knew of Sargeras and the Burning Legion beforehand, maybe not. Maybe they merely knew that eventually, something would try to kill everything else.

Maybe they didn’t know at all, but they decided to prepare for such an eventuality anyway. Consider the absurd defenses Azeroth, as a planet, has. What possible reason could the Titans have in creating the Aspects, massive dragons with god like powers behind? They don’t give a shit if the mortal races wage war on each other, they only intervene to prevent the entire world being destroyed.

Thus, by making literally any species able to reproduce with any other species, it becomes possible for life itself to perpetuate itself extremely easily.

Imagine if Azeroth was destroyed, the only survivors being a handful of tauren, orcs, night elves, humans and draenei. Any of those populations by themselves would run into serious problems down the line due to inbreeding.

But if any of them could reproduce at will with any of the others, all those genetic problems go away.

Which raises the question of why the Titans couldn’t just eliminate inbreeding entirely while they were messing with genetic code.

Maybe they want different races to interbreed? Racial and special hatred is everywhere. Allowing them all to breed together breaks down a lot of barriers.

It’s a work in progress.

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19 Responses to Stuff

  1. Sherp says:

    Hang on a minute. Orcs and Drae aren’t even from Azeroth. How did the Titans get their grubby little fingers on them? Did the Titans make the inhabitants of every planet in the Warcraft universe?

    • Sag says:

      I believe that that is the current theory about how everything in the WoW universe was created. I am sure that this would include the creation of the naaru, but I am also sure that would be up for contention. I’m sure it makes for a good debate on which would be stronger the holy light or the titans, or if they are the same. Different interpretations of the same source. As far as I know blizz hasn’t said anything either way.

    • Euripedes says:

      Pretty much straight up, Titans are the dudes who wander around the universe “bringing order” to various worlds.
      As we’ve seen on Azeroth, that varies from straight up creating life to granting sentience to other forms of life.

      Also note that various troll cultures refer to the Titans as “travelers”.

      The Titans didn’t necessarily make every sentient life form, but they most probably had a hand in the vast majority of them.

  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    Oooohhh baby!

    Bring on the 1/2 elf-gnome chicks!

    Come to papa!

  3. leah says:

    your theory sounds a great deal like star treck. in fact, I kept on thinking of start rek the more I learned about titan lore. remember that story line when they discover that the reason humans and clingons and bjorans etc etc can interbreed? that its becasue we all share common DNA and come from a same stock if you will…yeah…

  4. chio says:

    Maybe the beings in Warcraft lore don’t have DNA, and we’re just trying to project the little knowledge we have here onto something that would make no sense in the Warcraft universe.

    • Euripedes says:

      Always possible, though biologically everything does seem to be pretty much the same.
      People die, people are born, people eat pretty much exactly the same things we do IRL, only meat comes from slightly different animals, etc.
      People bleed red, so our bloodstreams are still oxygen based (or something else completely different).
      There’s really no reason to assume that warcraft humans and RL humans are different in any way.

      Then again, we’re also dealing with a world where “a wizard did it” can be used to explain nigh everything.

  5. Sag says:

    I’d like to state first off that I am not an expert in reproduction, but currently there are a lot of half breeds in the world. Things like a mule, or a liger (yes I know nepolean dynamite ha ha) are already around. The issue is that they are sterile, or at least the males usually are. I realize that wikipedia is not the greatest source, but I realize it’s a game and yes a wizard could make it so that didn’t happen, but even if Gnomeaggedon gets the half elf/gnome chick she may not be able to have his kid. Possibly life would be better (and safer) that way… I’m sure he’d have fun trying to find out if it was possible.

    • gnomeaggedon says:


      Why you think I’m looking for a half elf/gnome chick 😉

    • Delerius says:

      No.. he’s looking for an elf. Obviously.

      Gnomey, don’t forget that it’s the shorter ones, er, you’re a gnome, um, the shorter tall ones are the ones you want, the taller tall ones are guys. It can be hard to tell the difference.

    • Euripedes says:

      Difference being, the hybrids in Warcraft do produce viable offspring.
      Consider the Mok’nathal, an entire clan of orc/ogre hybrids.

      Or hell, a human mage made babies with a high elf.

      It is possible, it just doesn’t happen that often.

  6. adgamorix says:

    My question is, if you can make the logical jump to a purposefully shared DNA – what’s holding you back from making the jump to the engineered removal of inbreeding issues? The only time inbreeding becomes an issue is when the recessive genes start to become the dominant genes – giving you a greater chance of disease and abnormalities. If there are no recessive genes like this in the DNA strand – then there’s no issues.

    Although as it was mentioned, we’re putting what we know of science into a fantasy world. Just because they are bi-pedal humanoids doesn’t mean they follow the same rules for anatomy and physiology.

    • Euripedes says:

      We know skeletal structures work the same.
      We know both Azeroth and RL peoples eat the same thing.
      Pretty much everyone bleeds red.
      We know that Azeroth poops. We have outhouses, sewers, and poop quests to attest to that.
      We know that everyone needs to sleep.
      People drown when they are underwater for too long.

      Hell, we can even make the leap that the priest spell Pain Suppression even proves that nervous systems work roughly the same way.

      As much as we can test without actually dissecting a night elf, biologically there aren’t really any differences beyond the superficial.

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    • Calebris says:

      Whenever the Titans, or anything along those lines come up, I always ask myself what created them.

      And who gave them the right to go round creating life. They must be really bored up there in the universe.

      And on the race thing: I really feel like there is a relation between the different races on earth and Azeroth.

      Think about it: most races can be identified as a certain earthly group of people (the jaimaican trolls for one).

      Maybe the titans started with the basic structure and let evolution change that base into the 10 races we have today. It is simply much more accentuated in Warcraft.

      I cannot imagine what world would require hooves AND tentacles. Something fishy was going on there.

      Food for thought.

  8. Sun says:

    It is also safe to assume that a lot of forms of life on Azeroth (or with in the Warcraft universe) reproduce the same way as well. They all have the same items of clothing in the same places. Assuming this is to sensor the “no no parts”. All female characters have the same “bra & panties” model and all male characters have the same “boxers” model when robed of thier clothing…

    Even the Murlocks, Undead, Faceless Ones, Lost Ones, pretty much everything but dragons and the spider race have some kind of loincloth in the same place…

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