More Owls

Sadly, having been seriously sidetracked by writing character backstories for a D&D game, I have nothing prepared for today.

(I would post those, but they aren’t in story format, they’re in encyclopedia format)

Instead have a quick story by my dad.

Note: This is a true story.

(Necessary information: my dad is the sandwich guy. He drives a truck, delivering food to various convenience stores. Due to the amalgamated nature of the company he works for, he’s simultaneously sandwich guy/beef jerky guy/hostess guy/pastry guy. If you eat something from a convenience store and it isn’t chocolate or chips, my dad handled it.)

SCENE: A Mac’s store. (Essentially a 7-11 but with more owls)

Cashier: [to Random Customer] I’m going to China!

Random Customer: That’s nice [Exit]

Cashier: [to Another Random Customer] In the fall, I’m going to China!

Another Random Customer: That must be exciting!

Cashier: [huge smile] Yes it is! [to Last Customer In Line] I’m going to China!

Last Customer In Line: Sounds like fun!

Cashier: [huge smile]    😀

[All customers exit store]

Cashier: [turning to Dad] I’m going to China!

Dad: [currently taking inventory of beef jerky] I heard.

Cashier: [somewhat subdued] I guess it’s not that special now is it.

Dad: It was never special.

Cashier: [excited again] I’m going to China! I’m going to eat cat!

Dad: Not dog?

Cashier: [frowning] I’m not going to Korea! [huge smile] I’m going to China!

Dad: . . .

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5 Responses to More Owls

  1. DarthRegis says:

    Then your Dad helped feed me during my years as a field engineer. So many sandwiches that are 98% bread and 2% other stuff.

    And lots of beef jerky, too. Sweet’n’Spicy or Peppered are prolly my favourites.

    Side note: Mac’s are known as “Couche Tard” in Quebec. TABERNAQUE!

  2. Armond says:

    An encyclopedia format is fine too.

  3. Calebris says:

    More owls? Are you sure it isn’t… Hooters?

    Bah-dum, Ching!

    …that’s all I have to say about this post.

  4. Plyrx says:

    Here I am, the crazy person from QQ who entered mere months before you closed shop. Now, hopefully, I’ll be able to worship your writing style a bit longer.

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