New Roommates, Part Two

I meant to post this last night. I did not intend to make you guys wait. However, I ran into troubles with the ending. I hated it. So I rewrote it, hated it, rewrote it, hated it, rewrote it, hated it, and so forth. “Ending” here is used loosely, and pretty much refers to this entire piece.

The one I went with is a modified version of the first draft. Each ending I wrote got worse and worse, so screw it. This one will do. Bah.


Pushing open the door, she was surprised to see that the room was awfully spacious. She had expected cramped quarters, like she had lived in during training week, but this was positively luxurious in comparison. There was even a balcony! And a couch! A couch!

Another blood elf woman was already there, meticulously unpacking various clothing items in one of the two bedrooms.

“Hi there!” Arkenheart said, “You must be Triss!”

“Must I?” The other elf replied.

Nonplussed, Arkenheart continued right along. “I’m Arkenheart Dawnseeker.”

“That is nice.”

“That’s… nice?”

“That is indeed what I said. Most astute of you.”

This was not at all how Arkenheart expected this conversation to go.

“Aren’t you going to say hi?”


“Why not?”

Frustrated, the woman presumably named Triss whirled around. “Look, just because we are going to share a room does not mean we have to be friends! In fact, I do not want to be friends! Especially not with some insipid noble such as yourself!”

“I, well, wait, noble? How did you kn-”

“You said Dawnseeker, yes? A noble family? Gah, I hate clueless pompous bitches like you! You think you own everything, you can just go anywhere, you can-”

“No, you don’t und-”

“Do I not?! Tell me, did your daddy pay your way here? Did your mommy sleep with someone important to get you here? Or did you suck someone off to get here? Huh? Which is it?!”


“We may have to live together, but we do NOT have to ‘get along’, let alone be friends!”

Triss returned to her unpacking. Arkenheart stood, flabbergasted. All the other trainees had been awfully friendly. What the fel was her problem? This Triss Brightsword person had acted as if nobility automatically made her a conniving, scheming entitled elitist. Well, that was usually true, but still!

Arkenheart decided she did not like this Triss person very much.

There came a knock at the door behind her. Too stunned to say anything else, she managed to say “Come in?”

Theronidas Theron politely let himself into the room. “Hey, Arkenheart, I heard you were… oh. Hi Triss.”

Completely shocked, Arkenheart and Triss looked at each other, then at Theronidas.

“You know this bitch?!” They said simultaneously.

“Ahh, shit.” said Theronidas.

This was not at all how he expected this conversation to go.

Triss glared at him bitterly. “I see you found yourself a new whore, Theronidas. Into redheads now, are we? What, did she tear off her shirt and bounce her breasts at you?”

“Look, Triss, please, it wasn’t like-”

“No no no! Of course it was not like that at all! You could not wait to get rid of me, just some simple commoner, could you? No! Had to get yourself a brainless noble slut!”

“I’ll… I… I suppose I’ll come back later?” Theronidas swiftly fled the room, barely able to keep himself from breaking into a run.

Triss continued unpacking, only with more violence this time.

Arkenheart watched her for a little before speaking. Well. That was interesting. Apparently Theronidas was not the absolute virgin he appeared to be. She made a mental note to ask him about it later.



“You liked him, I take it?”

Triss was silent.

“I can see why. He’s awfully handsome.”

Triss was silent.

“Strong arms, chiselled jaw, well groomed hair…”

Triss grit her teeth, but said nothing.

“And the son of a noble to boot! In fact, the most powerful noble currently in Silvermoon! Why, he’s practically royalty! And you’re just some peasant girl. That must make you angry huh.”

Triss clenched her fists. Arkenheart wondered how much it would take to push Triss over the edge.

“And that’s not even considering his personality. He’s sweet, considerate, awfully funny, though he’s usually too bashful to really do anything. I mean, I practically had to force him out of his pan-”

“SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!” Triss charged at Arkenheart, viciously swinging a fist at her jaw.

Her fist never connected.

Arkenheart deflected the blow with her forearm, and slamming her knee into Triss’ stomach, knocked the air out of her. Bringing her elbow down on her back, Arkenheart knocked Triss to the floor.

Arkenheart looked at her. “What is your problem? What d-”

She was cut off, as Triss brought her left fist into Arkenheart’s solar plexus, her right hand hooking into her jaw as Arkenheart doubled over.

Triss pulled herself to her feet. “I have nothing to say to you! Now stay out of m-”

Triss fell to the floor, her legs swept out from under her.

Arkenheart leapt atop her, pinning her to the floor. Triss pushed her off. Slamming both feet into Arkenheart’s chest, Triss knocked her away.

Triss and Arkenheart took a moment to recover. Sizing up the other, breathing hard, they both reached the same decision.

Both women charged, crashing together, raining down heavy blows. Minutes passed as they tore into each other, using every tactic they knew for unarmed combat. Vicious kicks and punches, biting, clawing and any number of somewhat less than honourable combat tactics.

Sprawled on the floor, battered, bruised and bloody, the two women lay relatively still, trying to catch their respective breaths.

Triss managed to get out, “This… isn’t… over…”

Arkenheart barked out a short laugh. “Ha! You… can’t… even stand!”

“Neither… can you…”

“Wrong! I… can…” With much grunting, Arkenheart attempted just that, being unsuccessful. “Okay, fine, you’re right.”

Several moments passed as both exhausted women weighed their respective options.

Triss broke the silence. “I offer a truce. There is no reason we cannot share living quarters. Indeed we can hardly afford not to be peaceful if every disagreement leads to fighting.”

“Hey, you’re the one who called me a bitch.”

“You called me a bitch as well as numerous other things.”

“You started it!”

“This is going nowhere. Do you accept the truce or not? I warn you I am not a foe to be taken lightly.”

“Fine. Truce accepted. I stay out of your way, you stay out of mine. And I won’t bring Theronidas around.”


Arkenheart sighed. Not at all what she expected. Not even close. Could she live with an insufferable bitch? Well, yes, but for how long? Five minutes? Six maybe? She just had one question for her new roommate.

“I have a question.”

“Of course you do. The bedroom on the left is yours, feel free to use the common area as you like, I will be spending most of my time isolated in my room.”

“No, not that. It’s… well…”

“Spit it out.”

“What does insipid mean?”



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4 Responses to New Roommates, Part Two

  1. Torumin says:

    I didn’t have a problem with the ending, and I enjoyed reading this chapter a lot 🙂

  2. Calebris says:

    I actually only had one issue with this.

    In the previous chapters, Arkenheart seemed like a very forceful, dominant personality. That came out at the end there with the “cat fight”, but I just felt that even when the girl caught her off guard with the noble crap, your protagonist would have immediately taken that hoe down. It just seemed like after what she had gone through, especially with the sister prostitute thing (or is that a different story line?) the accusation of, well, sleeping your way up the ranks would have just made Arken snap and leave her roommate a bloody mess on her “Meticulously unpacked clothes”.

    Other than that, great story Euripides. You’ve got some real talent in the fiction writing world.

    • Euripedes says:

      A problem I think I’m going to run into as that you guys don’t have a massive character summary of Arkenheart, whereas I do.
      Mentioning Arkenheart herself being a whore isn’t that big of a deal. She has slept around a lot. Like a lot a lot. As in hundreds of dudes.
      Her sister is, rightly so, a total berserk button for her. Mention her sister being a prostitute, you better hope you can bubble hearth. Mention that Arkenheart is a prostitute? Meh.
      Arkenheart doesn’t really give a shit what anyone thinks of her or her actions.

      The second thing is that Arkenheart is, even if she won’t admit it to herself, extremely desperate for a friend.
      Right now? All she has is Theronidas, who she barely knows.
      (No, Arkenheart and Theronidas have not made love yet. They’ve been in a relationship for barely over a week at this point.)
      Since the Scourge attack, the only real friend she had was her sister. No one else.

      I’d write in that she’s lonely, but she won’t admit it to herself, not yet anyway. It’s the same reason she spent years drugged up and slept around as much as possible. She’s just lonely.
      This is compounded because Arkenheart’s entire dominant personality is a defense mechanism. She blames herself and her own weakness, especially for the disappearance of her sister. Thus she tries to be strong and eliminate all weaknesses. Even if she owned up to her own loneliness, she’d just try and tough it out at this point, all the while subconsciously trying to make a couple good friends.

      It’s proving to be a challenge to get that across. I’ve got a couple attempts down to try and show this, but I’m not satisfied with them at all yet.

  3. Zuragorvis/Horde Anvilmar says:

    Once again, I enjoyed the chapter. I agree with your thoughts on the ending, however. I give you a quote from early in the story, apparently from the thoughts of Arkenheart… “conniving, scheming entitled elitist.” I have a hard time believing that someone who thinks with this obviously expanded vocabulary wouldn’t know the definition of “insipid,” or at least have a good guess. The ending would work better if she consistently used simple peasant speech throughout the story.

    Also, wasn’t Theronidas portrayed as hopeless/inexperienced around women in an earlier story? Now we find out he has a history with a hardcore bitch who spouts lines like “Did your mommy sleep with someone important to get you here? Or did you suck someone off to get here?”

    The story remains very good and I want to keep following. Just be careful about character continuity. Triss is shaping up to be a wonderful character and a good foil for our heroine, someone who’s also been through some shit to get where she is, who is the type of fair fight that she hasn’t encountered yet. I’m hoping this leads to mutual respect and then strong friendship.. we’ll see!

    Keep it up!

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