Becoming My Worst Enemy

The title sure sounds evocative and like a perfectly good idea for a story.

Unfortunately it isn’t and this is my “once per week” post where I take some time to dick around and ramble incoherently about things. But the title is damn good so I’ll need to invent a story about it. Hopefully not a DK angle, because that’s 1) obvious, and 2) has been done to death.

(I’m sorry. Ghoulish puns on a Friday morning? How could I? I can’t say what grips me and forces me to make these jokes, I’ll just use the excuse that it is nighttime for me.)

I’ve railed against the presence of raid gear in PvP many, many times on CQQ before.

So, uh, guess who took his arcane spec and all his mainset raid pieces into PvP?

Yeah, that was me. 400 resilience, arcane spec, 3300 spellpower, slightly over 1k haste, 4piece T10.

I did it on a lark, at first. Just to see what it was like.

Have you ever heard of the show “Destroyed in Seconds”? Yeah, that’s what PvP was like as an arcane mage in raid gear.Lemme tell ya, derping around in BGs and WG in my raid gear was one helluva humblin’ experience.

For everyone on the other end of my arcane blasts, anyway.

Let me try and iterate just how thoroughly, how absolutely, I destroyed everyone who dared to engage me in combat.

  • I chain crit a prot paladin (with 1.1k resilience, I checked) for 10k. No cooldowns used.
  • I killed a 25k health resto druid in 2 globals. TWO.
  • With a 4-stack of arcane blast, I blew cooldowns and crit a ret paladin for 24k.
  • Arcane Missiles crit a hunter for 11k per tick. I had just killed someone with 4 arcane blasts. 5 globals, two people dead. Used AP and haste gloves for this one (no IV or MI).
  • In a 6 minute EotS, I dealt slightly over 800k damage and scored 15 killing blows. No deaths.
  • A rogue jumped me, dropped me to 4% health before I managed to get away from him. The rogue died in 4 globals, no cooldowns used.


I get that this isn’t arenas, but come on. I’m killing people with 1.2, 1.3k resilience in literally four or five globals. I can force a disc priest to use Pain Suppression in one global, and kill them through it anyway. I faced a prot warrior once (mix of relentless and wrathful glad gear, PvE weapon/shield), dropped him to half health in two globals, so he blew Shield Wall, and he was dead less than 4 seconds later.

I wish I could brag. I wish I could say “LOLskilled”. I wish I could claim this is me stroking my wowcock.

But it isn’t.

This is me, targeting someone, flailing at a couple buttons, then completely and absolutely destroying their shit in four or five seconds.

It is brainless.

It is sad.

I alternate between crying and laughing my ass off when I do this. Me, versus fellow 80s in serious PvP gear, literally feels like I’m trucking around ganking level 60s in Outland on a PvP server.

Sure, my health gets wrecked pretty damn fast. But what does it matter when I can drop a hunter in 1.2 seconds?

Perhaps a better question would be: how much worse would this be if I actually had a healer to back me up? Gimme a shadow priest and a holy paladin. Let’s go to town.

More importantly: why hasn’t this been fixed yet?

I’ve since gotten an actual PvP arcane spec so I can at least pretend I’m doing proper PvP by using Slow before I kill someone to death with murder.

Bah humbug.

Blog business.

I won’t be updating NEW posts on weekends. Not gonna happen. I know some of you probably check this place Saturday/Sunday (largely due to my own inability to have a half decent, non retarded post schedule), but know this. No updates Sat/Sun, strictly M-F.

However, I also plan on getting all my old fanfics from CQQ posted over here. This will happen on weekends. I’ve got… what, like 5 or 6 fanfics over there? Those are going to be transferred and posted here.

So if you check your feedreader monday morning and see like 5 new posts, don’t panic or jump in joyous exultation. Those are all just reposts you’ve probably read before.

I’m also going to see if it’s possible to transfer the comments over too. I think wordpress has a mechanic for this.

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7 Responses to Becoming My Worst Enemy

  1. Momome says:

    I’ve always been a little torn on this issue. From the perspective of someone who is only this season getting into PvP in any kind of serious way, I really can’t see what Blizzard could do to combat the issue.

    Firstly, I suspect a lot of people (me included!) first started doing bgs with little to no PvP gear at all – 5 part furious perhaps, and maybe an offset piece or two won from VoA. Assuming by ‘fix the problem’ you meant ‘disable PvE gear in PvP’ or something similar, this would mean doing battlegrounds naked for a lot of people. I mean yeah, it’s a bit ridiculous what a fully ICC geared dps can do, but it’s only really an issue now after all the gear inflation we’ve had. If you’d been in Naxx gear you wouldn’t stand a chance.

    The other issue really is that certain classes rely very heavily on PvP gear for arena as well. As a DK, without a good enough rating to get Wrathful weapons, and without inherant burst capability, I’d basically be a plank of wood were it not for Bryntroll. The lack of exceptional PvP trinket options and the fact that’s there’s only one current season ring available means that without PvE gear, we’d all be wearing old season gear and a few useless pieces.

    I mean, there are obviously circumstances even then that take the piss a little bit – warriors with DBW, un-oomable resto druids with Solace, casters with DFO, etc etc.

    The only solution that I can think of, and I’m sure I remember you saying this in CCQ before, is to provide good enough PvP gear that people WANT to use it rather than the uber PvE alternatives. Still though, this is never going to be a permanent solution. Late tier PvE gear is always going to be awesome, and any PvP kit good enough to compete is just going to be equally overpowered.

    I might dust off my mage though and give PvP a try though πŸ˜‰

    • Euripedes says:

      Honestly at this point I don’t have any real solutions to offer that haven’t been offered a thousand times over by myself, my readers, and literally hundreds of other dissenting voices.

      When Naxx was the highest raid content available, it caused immense issues in PvP. When Ulduar was end game, it caused immense issues in PvP. When ToC was end game, it caused immense issues.
      Gear inflation has nothing to do with it. Current tier raid gear has always caused major issues in PvP.

  2. Armond says:

    WoW PvP has a large number of problems. Disabling PvE gear in PvP environments would solve a few of them. It would also create some, due to some class’ reliance on PvE gear to make up for bad slots, but I’d think those could be solved in basically the same patch (introducing new gear for those classes that need it shouldn’t be that much harder than coding something to ban PvE gear from an area).

  3. Macehelix says:

    How about this as a solution: put a lot of armor and spell resistance on pvp gear, as well as more armor pen. and spell pen.? That way those with pvp gear have more resistance to counteract the inflated damage of those with raid gear, and the extra penetration allows them to do similar damage to others with pvp and gives them more of an advantage against those with raid gear. This would be different from resilience in that it provides defense that can be negated with the right stats, so resilience would not be replaced.

  4. Jujee says:

    I find this hard to believe having seen few arcane mages in BGs lately, especially ones in PVE gear. I guess frost slowly kills them and fire hopes to kill them before dying and well…I’ll go test this arcane pwnage myself.

  5. Torumin says:

    I believe it!

    Tested this last night, not expecting much:

    30KB’s, 3 deaths, 844k damage.
    Full pve gear and spec. Didn’t even use a pvp trinket. Glorious, glorious carnage!

  6. Magefre says:

    Might dust off the old arcane spec again and give it a go πŸ™‚

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