RSS Test

This is a test to see if the RSS feed is working.

Also, RSS buttons (for both posts and comments!) should now be on the side. The little blue guys, though I’ll probably make the buttons slightly larger.

Post script:

Everything seems to be functioning as well as can be expected.

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5 Responses to RSS Test

  1. Athryn says:

    Subbed to the new blog, and the feed comes through to Google Reader loud and clear!

  2. Jurandr says:

    Google reader picked it up right quick. Can’t wait to see how this blog works.

    Also I just realized how lucky you are to have so many willing victims checking out your brand-spanking-new blog. Don’t ruin it!

  3. Poz says:

    It took you all this time (between “the second last post of Critical QQ” and now) to come up with the name, didn’t it? 🙂

    Good luck with the new blog, I look forward to reading it.

    • Euripedes says:

      Oh, I juggled with so many different names.
      Going into the naming procedure, I really didn’t entirely know what I wanted to express with the name. I knew it would be a blog, though with a much looser focus than CQQ, yet still subject to my rambling.
      The idea for “Preposterous Pretentious Prattle” itself was originally conceptualized only friday, in that I wanted a title that would express my own general pompousness with a blogging slant.
      Various words and phrasing was toyed with. Preposterous Pretentious Prattle finally rolled into place saturday afternoon.

      So yeah, pretty much!

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